5 Chores You Can Do While Babywearing

Sometimes you just need to put a dent in your to-do list, and babywearing can make it happen. Sometimes your little one just needs to be close to you, and when nothing short of skin-to-skin contact will do, it’s almost impossible to keep a neat house or run errands. With a versatile baby sling, however, you can strap on your baby and take care of these chores with ease – and maybe even find time for a nap while baby is sleeping, too!

What Is Babywearing?

Babywearing is the practice of carrying your child in a wrap, sling or other specially designed baby holder or front pack. It’s done in cultures around the world and fosters close contact between parent and child, which is often comforting for the baby. The bonus benefit of babywearing for busy parents is that it leaves you with hands free to accomplish all sorts of other tasks.

Great Chores to Do While Babywearing

You can get a lot done with your baby in tow. Whether you choose soft babywearing wraps or more structured packs, try these activities while wearing your baby around the house, yard and neighborhood.

  • Paying the Bills: When baby is calm or sleeping, a quiet task like balancing your checkbook or paying bills online is just the thing to cross off your list.
  • Doing the Dishes: Your rhythmic movements in the kitchen are soothing. Wash dishes the old-fashioned way or just load and empty the dishwasher – just watch to keep baby secure while bending to reach low shelves.
  • Folding Laundry: Though you may struggle to balance baby and a full laundry basket on your hip at first, sitting or standing at a table to do the sorting and folding is easy.
  • Watering the Lawn: On nice days, taking your baby out into the garden is a joy. Take care of light chores like watering and picking veggies to get both of you some fresh air.
  • Running Errands on Foot: Though you’d never wear your baby in the car, walking to the corner store – or just around the neighborhood to get some cardio – is fun, and you’ll have both hands free to do any shopping.

Once you get the hang of babywearing, you’re sure to come up with many more tasks that you can do easily with your baby at your side. With the right baby carrier, you’ll love your freedom to do anything you want to with even the newest members of your family along for the ride.