Babywearing to Get Work Done

As a parent life with kids can be pretty busy and if you’re a working parent, finding the time to get some work done can be difficult or impossible. For me, babywearing has brought me closer with my baby while allowing me to have some freedoms. While babywearing in general is a great way to help you multi task, I want to focus in on a couple primary benefits of babywearing.

Working for longer bursts

In many homes with a newborn, there is a rule that every one needs to be quite and walk gently in order to not wake the baby. A loud noise or the ruble of kids playing can easily wake a  baby. However when a baby is wrapped, they are more likely to stay asleep though these events since they are already in that environment. Similar to the noise and motion of a car ride, baby will find comfort being nestled close to their parent and will tune out the noise.

Working with two hands

If you’re like me, almost every task requires a couple hands. From typing articles like these to getting dishes done, sometimes you just need two hands to get the job done. In many cases you should be able to sit in a kitchen or office chair while babywearing, this makes it especially handy if you work at a desk. When I wen’t back to work my husband was able to bring our daughter to work with him one a week and could still get work done thanks to babywearing.

When it comes to babywearing you don’t have to rush back to work or dive into the household chores. When you do decide that it’s the right time to get some work done however, a front cross carry, back carry, or even a ring sling can help you get your hands free.