Babywearing is for Dad too

Father Babywearing In Winter

First Impressions

When Sarah first started babywearing I just couldn’t see myself wearing a wrap or ring sling. The concept seemed a bit girly and the process too cumbersome. When you look to the world of babywearing it seems to be embraced by so many moms and it’s easy to feel like you’ll be the only dad out there babywearing. I remember with our first child that Sarah had a hard time getting started wearing. We didn’t know anyone else who wore their baby, and we didn’t know about many of the resources in our community and online. I pretty much left it up to her to figure it out and never really got started myself.

Getting Started

Fast forward about 3 years and we’ve had child number two. This time we we’re determined to babywear and I was ready to give it a shot. We first started with a woven wrap from Little Frog, and of course it was purple. While the color didn’t fit my style it was the best wrap we could have chosen for round 2. After a few tries I was able to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) fairly quickly. After a few months we also picked up a DIDYMOS ring sling. This time we got a black and grey sling that fit my style a lot more. Personally I prefer the ring sling because it is faster for me and easier to adjust.

Sticking With It

After a few months of maternity leave it was time for Sarah to go back to work. Unfortunately daycare didn’t have a spot open so we needed to figure out how we were both going to work and watch the baby during a two month span. I’m fortunate enough to own my own business which allows for some freedoms. One of which is bringing my daughter to work. Babywearing really saved the day. It seemed to keep the baby calm while I worked and it allowed me to have my hands free while I typed. I also feel like dads need ways to bond with their kids. Moms have so many ways of nurturing that dads don’t always have and babywaring can really help develop your connection to baby.

Babywearing Tips

Here are a few things I’ve picked up while babywearing.

  • It’s not awkward. You’ll get a lot of looks while wearing and it’s because it’s not always common for other people. Moms are always turning heads while babywearing as well.
  • Be patient. It’s not always easy to get your baby wrapped the first few times. They may be squirmy and you may be frustrated. Just breathe and take the time to do it right.
  • Watch the videos. There are a ton of videos out there (we’re working on our own) and they can be really helpful.
  • Practice with a stuffed animal.
  • Be ready to be addicted. I’ve pretty much given up on strollers due to babywearing. Any dad can get on board with that.