Getting the Most Out of Your Woven Baby Carrier

Do you “wear” your baby? Are you interested in learning how to use this ancient parenting tool to live life to the fullest? The rising popularity woven baby carriers, once lost to much of Western culture, gives parents the time to bond with their baby (or toddler) without missing a beat in their daily lives.

Although frontpack and backpack style baby carriers are easy and seemingly foolproof to use, they don’t allow for a variety of different holds and can greatly limit how long a parent can comfortably wear their baby. They also limit what tasks parents can safely complete while carrying their child. This is why many parents who choose to get serious with baby-wearing opt for a woven wrap.

3 Great Pinterest Accounts for Babywearing Holds and Tips

There are a variety of different holds you can use to maximize the convenience of baby-wearing with a woven baby wrap. Whether you cross carry, backpack/rucksack carry, hip carry or kangaroo carry, there is a hold that will allow you to complete practically any task comfortably and easily, all while bonding closely with your child.

Not sure where to begin? Pinterest is a vast resource filled with avid baby-wearers more than happy to share their tricks, secrets and gear reviews with other parents who want to make baby-wearing a part of their everyday parenting style.

1. Babywearing A-Z

From the basics of baby-wearing to important baby-wearing safety reminders, Babywearing A-Z provides a wealth of information for parents wearing their children from newborn and up. Boards feature different takes on popular carries, as well as videos by some of the world’s most popular and trusted baby-wearing online personalities.

2. Wrap You In Love

Though the fierce, colorful baby-wearer behind Wrap You In Love is mostly known for her baby-wearing tutorial videos on YouTube, she also has a fabulous Pinterest account with her how-tos, reviews and other great boards featuring gift lists, style and beauty, and so much more. Need to carry more than one baby at once? Check out the board on tandem baby-wearing!

3. Wrapsody

The Pinterest page linked to the blog for the Wrapsody company is a wonderful resource for wearers of children of all ages. With boards tailored to holds and carries for brand new babies all the way up to older toddlers, there is something for every baby-wearer. This account also has a variety of visually pleasing boards that truly capture the intimate beauty of baby-wearing for every mom, dad, and caretaker.

It’s Your Baby-Wearing Journey

This series of boards will help you along your entire baby-wearing journey, no matter how short or long you choose to explore it. Creative carries with a woven wrap can give you back your mobility and time while still bonding with your bundle of love. Enjoy!