Spring into Fun with a Ring Sling

little frog yellow ring sling

Spring is here and it’s time to break out that ring sling! And that means getting out of the house for some adventures. Sadie, our five year old, loves everything about warm weather and the outdoors. So after a long snowy winter she is ready to ditch the snowboots and lather on the sunscreen. We’re pretty lucky here in Colorado with 300 days of sunshine and a lot of parks and trails to explore. One of our favorite parks to bring the girls is themed with fossils and wooly mammoths and has big boulders and statues to climb as well as a skate park, tennis courts, hockey rinks, splash pads, wide open grass fields, and trails around a pond. Needless to say there is a lot to keep the girls busy. While our toddler, Alexa, tries to keep up with her big sister (and does a pretty good job at that), it gets rather tiring for those little legs.

The Benefits of a Ring Sling

Having a way to carry her around after she get tired and still being able to play with Sadie is crucial for our days out. The stroller ends up being forgotten or left behind since this park has so many obstacles, but having a ring sling stashed in the car is the perfect solution. I love the versatility of a wrap, however, sometimes it’s just too much fabric. Ring slings are great for shorter trips out or for the times when your little one may want up and down frequently. Our ring sling is a work horse and get used a lot. Its great for our park outings as Alexa may need to rest repeatedly but wants down to play after only a few minutes. Since the ring sling uses less fabric it is not as cumbersome to put on and get the kiddo up and it transports easily. You can fold it up fairly compact and carry it around or just keep it around your body and adjust as needed. Once the day wears on and it’s getting closer to nap time, I like to trade out the ring sling for a wrap or buckle carrier. For the longer carrying times I like to have Alexa’s weight more evenly distributed on my shoulders. For me, a wrap with all the different ways to carry and tie or a sturdy buckle carrier are the best options.

Nursing in a Ring Sling

Another reason I love my ring sling is the ability to breastfeed on the go. It did take a little practice to get the sling loosened to get Alexa positioned correctly, but once we figured it out it became second nature, even while walking around and playing with Sadie. I could also use the tail as a sunshade or a cover while nursing if wanted or even wipe runny noses (followed by a good washing).