Sarah's FamilyThe Happy Gremlin Company was founded in August 2015. I wanted to be able to connect with other parents and share my love of babywearing. I want Happy Gremlin to be a resource for tired, busy, stressed out parents needing to find a happier way. Baby carriers hold your baby close and give them a sense of security while allowing you to have your hands free.

Living in Colorado my husband Brandon, my two daughters Sadie and Alexa, and I are always on some adventure. Whether we are out and about in the snow or enjoying our 300 days of sunshine; being able to have my hands free during daily life is important.

Babywearing became a part of life when our second daughter was born. I found my local babywearing group through my sister-in-law and was introduced to the world of woven wraps, ring slings, and buckle carriers. Being able to hold and soothe my newborn while also being able to interact and play with my 4 year old was so empowering. Looking back to when our first daughter was born, I wish I would have known about babywearing. Endless weeks of colic and crying, my arms cramping and feeling as heavy as lead as I’d walk in circles around the house trying to soothe my baby; at times I wished for an easier way to help calm my daughter. I created Happy Gremlin as a resource to help other parents wishing for an easier way as well.

We chose to start Happy Gremlin offering woven wraps and woven ring slings. We want to make babywearing available and affordable for everyone, so we have partnered up with several Manufacturers to be able to offer a wide price range and a variety of designs of woven wraps and ring slings for parents and caregivers of all walks of life. The woven wraps we sell are made and tested to safely support and hold your baby. The fibers of woven fabrics are weaved together on a loom either by hand or machine incorporating the design within the weave. Woven wraps are made to have diagonal strength, while most “regular” fabrics do not and can rip or tear more easily when adding the weight of a baby or child. We are determined to only provide safe options for carrying your child.

Or next step on our journey is to add buckle carriers and mei ties to our inventory, allowing an even wider variety of carriers for you to choose from. There truly is a carrier out there for every parent or caregiver, and it is our mission to help you find the best and most comfortable option for you.

Happy babywearing. Happy memories. Happy gremlins.